Artist Bio & Resume

Liz Atar is a freelance makeup artist and green beauty educator specializing in conscious beauty makeup for fashion, high-definition television, film, and photography.

Makeup isn't just about looking good--it’s an opportunity for an individual to express their creativity, their personality, and their unique definition of beauty. Makeup artist Liz Atar knows this and strives to ensure every client experiences it through her work.

Starting her career in the retail sector, Liz began working at MAC cosmetics and quickly moved up the ranks to manager and consultant. Her natural talent in the field, coupled with her love of helping clients, inspired Liz to pursue cosmetology professionally. While attending school, Liz lectured on the latest makeup trends, and demonstrated cutting-edge techniques for fellow students.

Since then, Liz has established an impressive portfolio of work featuring a list of clients across numerous countries, including Israel, the Caribbean, Canada, and the United States, and spanning several industries, such as television, magazine, fashion and music. Liz’s work has been featured in Vogue Italia, Bruno Mars’ music video for “Insert name,” and countless runway shows.

Now based in Las Vegas, Liz loves the wide variety of makeup opportunities the City of Lights provides, from weddings to fashion shows, special events and big nights out, to dramatic looks for the stage.

Liz’s eye for detail, professionalism, and approachability guarantees she’ll be an invaluable asset for any event.

My Biography

Liz started her career as a student at "Canadian beauty college" in Toronto, Canada. doing her makeup school Liz was doing Bruno Mars video shoot makeup and did few Toronto fashion shows. after she graduated with the honors diploma Liz started her way as a MAC artist.

Liz was starting as an on call and moved her way up to management, she got certified as advanced one, meantime she was a guest artist at makeup school in Toronto.

after 3 years she spread here wings and moved to the Caribbean development her artistry side. now Liz is las vegas, working for Nars cosmetics freelancing with las vegas brides and pageant, and working with

“Liz’s eye for detail, professionalism, and approachability guarantees she’ll be an invaluable asset for any event.”